French Election: Le Pen Selects Eurosceptic Aignan for Prime Minister’s Position; Plays down Anti-Euro Message

Over the weekend, the Front National candidate Marine Le Pen who came second in the first round of the French Election selected the defeated ‘Stand up France’ candidate Nicolas Dupont Aignan as her would be Prime Minister if she wins the next Sunday’s election. Mr. Dupont Aignan stood one a platform of leaving the euro and the European Union, higher ethical standards for elected officials, and focusing on the fight against terrorism. His pledges are similar to that of Madame Le Pen. On 23rd April’s election, Mr. Dupont came in sixth place with 4.7 percent of the votes.

No polls have been published yet that shows public reaction to the appointment, however latest polls have revealed that the campaign of Marine Le Pen is off to a better start compared to her rival Emmanuel Macron for the second round. While the European leaders and the outgoing French president François Hollande have said that their aim is to make sure that Le Pen gets fewer votes as possible, polls show that she is set to receive 40 percent of the votes, even if she fails to win.  

In a bid to improve her chance in the second round, Marine Le Pen has softened her anti-euro rhetoric. Previously she said that she would hold a referendum on the European Union membership and the use of the euro in six months, now in an interview with the newspaper Sud Quest she said, “if everyone is agreed we could take a year or a year and a half to organize a coordinated return to national currencies”. She is also including environmental agendas in her policy promises as she looks to attract supporters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who came fourth in the first round with 19.5 percent votes.  

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